Developing Doulas Companionship

​In Feburary 2022 I was very excited to be invited to become a Developing Doulas companion. The Developing Doulas Companionship Programme is a doula mentorship programme for new and more experienced doulas. It designed to complement the Doula UK Recognition Process or it can be your main source of support if you can’t, or don’t choose to, join Doula UK. I have experienced myself how powerful it can be to have a mentor who feels passionately about supporting their mentee to blossom, not only just as a doula, but as a person too and I hold this experience very close to my heart as I go forward in supporting other doulas on their doulaing journey.  

I offer primary companionship for the postpartum period, I have no rigid rules around how this will work for us together as a team, but will usually mean that we will work together, talking through any concerns or questions that you might have as you work with your first four or five clients. As your time with each client comes to an end we will take the time to debrief and talk through your reflections and your clients feedback. When we feel the time is right you will then be acknowledged to the doula community. 

Pricing is as below for Primary companionship. The fee can be broken down and paid per debrief if preferred or monthly. ​This price includes regular phone calls, meet ups and chats, as and when appropriate. 

£350 for x4 debriefs and acknowledgment (any further debriefs will be included in this cost)

I also offer specialist companionship sessions on topics that I have additional training and experience in, these are as follows: 

Breastfeeding/Infant feeding

Breastfeeding grief and trauma

Introducing solids

The 4th trimester

Night doulaing 

Perinatal mental health

Child and adolescent mental health


Domestic violence

Transition from NHS employment to self employment

Specialist companion sessions are charged at £25 an hour. 

Any ongoing support can be continued at an agreed rate

Please get in touch for an informal chat if you are interested in the companionship programme or if you would like to get to know me a little better. 

“If a woman doesn’t look like a goddess in labour then someone isn’t treating her right”

Ina May Gaskin

“A doula will be there for you, unconditionally, completely, whenever and whoever you are and whatever you do. And she will move heaven and earth to carry out your wishes.”

Maddie McMahon

As your Doula I will; 

Get to know you

Place you at the centre of your decisions

Know that you are the expert on you and your baby

Support you to feel prepared for birth and parenthood, knowing all your options

Listen with compassion

Support you to find the information you need to inform your choices

Respect your decisions

Believe in you

Care for you

Celebrate your transformation to parenthood with you

Encourage you

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Developing Doulas Companionship

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I met Jo when my son was 5 days old at a breastfeeding support group as I was struggling in the first few days of feeding and needed help. From the moment I met Jo, I could see how caring she was and passionate about all things feeding. I went to a different group 2 days later for more support where Jo volunteered and continued to go there for support and the social side for months after. Jo gave me advice on changing positions, pumping through my son having to go onto high-calorie milk due to a heart condition and also him having heart surgery at 4 months. Our breastfeeding journey has come to an end after nearly 19 months, and I am so grateful I met Jo as I honestly think without her knowledge, support and genuine passion for feeding I would have given up in those early days.

Emma Cheeseman
Mum of Albie

Jo is nothing short of a completely exceptional woman. She was born to support women and this shines through in absolutely everything she does. Her love, care and attention to your well-being is honestly, second to none. Her depth of knowledge, calming presence and attention to every detail that matters to you, is incredible. Jo explores avenues that you may not have even known were an option, yet somehow you never feel like you’re not in the driving seat. One of the things that struck me so much about Jo, is how much she wants you to have the best possible experience, and she never stopped fighting for us and our baby, even when we lost our voice. For anybody reading this who is considering Jo as their Doula, my simple advice would be do not hesitate, to be in Jo’s company is to be in the presence of something truly special.

Zoe Brown
Mum of Jacob, Henry & Albie

Jo did such a wonderful job looking after both baby and parents during our time together. You can tell that this is more than just a job for Jo - she is such a caring person that being a doula was likely not a choice: she had to be one. We will forever be grateful for the work she did, even if we were jealous of her magic abilities to put our daughter to sleep.

Tom Cahalan
Father of Isabelle

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